Illusion and Dream

Gravity pulls me down
And the distance grows
This late goodbye
Is too much
I want to wait for the dawn
Maybe then we will chose to stay

The materials I wear feel pointless
When these diamonds for tears
Are merely a mask
I told you I was fragile
But you had a clevermind
Knew the words to use

You sparked the fire
The 15 min flame
But this kamikaze love gained a life of it's own
We can throw it all to war
But desire will always pull us back

You use your smoke and mirrors
While I try to heal my wounds
You live by the lie eternal
And still I must seek you out
Aware that it'll fade
Because everything fades with you

I fool myself
That I'm dreaming wide awake
And that maybe tomorrow is a better day
But it's 3AM
So-called miss impossible
Wasn't enough for you
To go all the way/4U
Like I do day after day
There's no end, no beginning

I keep accepting your roses
Aware of the carnival of rust that is your heart
I wonder can you hear me
Or am I only illusion and dream?
I want to be cradled in love
Not this shallow lust
You call so delicious

Passions colours everything
It makes you're world
But even skin isn't enough
I want someone to show me this life
And I'm running out of time
You're still here that's true
But somewhere lost
In you're temple of thought
No longer someone special

I want to ask you to save me
To sing me the happy song
But you hide
Playing revolution roulette
All you wanted was the ultimate fling
While I long for more

A sorry go 'round begins
You go overboard
Claiming you can change
But I won't let this rewind
Too much has been given and denied
So we sleep apart
Where do we draw the line?

Then you go off your chain
Let psychosis take over
shouting loud words like
Don't mess with me
My sweet, hopeless king of fools
Lost between illusion and dream
So I'll greet the morning tide alone

Songs by Poets of the Fall :)

The End

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