The Witness

You tell me to see the light
To stop lingering in the shadows
But you don't understand
I'm happy in my solace
At comfort in the shadows

A curious angel like you
Doesn't know of original sin
You don't hear the voices in my head
Tell me to use you
My joker in the pack
My one shot

These discordant dreams you speak off
Make me dream of dignity
But the intro isn't enough
I prefer hiding in the ocean down
Watching people paint another
Line in the sand
On the shores of wintercoast

These strange days are neverending
But you
My misguided fool
sing the mad hatters' song out of rhyme
While I sit here
Speaking lyrics of truth
The beggar's song
Echoes off the walls
The blacktide is approaching

But you don't hear me
The prelude wasn't enough
The postlude appears far too soon
And I can only watch
The witness to it all

Songs by Touchstone - definitely check them out! :)

The End

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