You Don't Walk Away From Dismemberment

You don’t walk away from dismemberment

These are the cold hard facts

Unless you are running from the sun.

They’ll be hanging us tonight

At daybreak

Behind the throne we stole.

These are the hard times that the drop in the bottle won’t fix,

The times when you realise that even if you win, you’re still a rat

An outsider heart stuck on this Devil’s island

The thornes from that hollow crown dig deep

Can’t you save me?

I can’t sail this ship alone.

You’re heartless sometimes.

Are you painting a portrait for the deceased?

These colours don’t run.

I guess this is the bitter end.

Truth, be told I’m an unbeliever

Alpha and omega, it’s just not right

There are no gods, but I will hunt them down

To the death.

I can’t see the light anymore

Weighed down by a feather of lead

I want to be buried at sea, okay?

The darkest tomb.

They would leave me in the desert.

But this confession means nothing.

I want you to go to Oklahoma

You’ll find safety there.

(Song titles from Architects - Amazing lyricists, please check them out)

The End

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