This hand of sorrow
That you hold
You claim it's gone frozen
Completely cold
But all I need
Is you, sweet Sinéad
To calm the fire and ice
Attacking my soul

There's murder in the air
And the forsaken close in
But the angels are calling
And soon we'll be free
Our solemn hour may be approaching
But I won't give in
I'll stand my ground
Till my last breath

I'll face the howling wind
And become the ice queen
Let you see who I am
Under the disguise
The truth beneath the rose
Isn't far behind

A shot the dark was what you were
A chance some would've said was dumb
But the iron in you''re blood is of no concern
I'm pale and ready
To face a demon's fate
You're blood is pumping faster but I don't care

Somewhere, somehow
We'll meet again
When all is forgiven
And cruel memories are lost

Songs by Within Temptation

The End

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