Dark Side

You want to see me?
Truly hear me?
Dare to tread in my dark side?
Well go for it
But don't try to analyse
You're not Mr know it all
You're certainly no Einstein

You think you got a hope of understanding me?
Please you can't win
The war is over before it's begun
Now leave me be
Oh I'll strike back
The words are on the tip of my tongue
Waiting cautiously behind these hazel eyes
Pry too far

And no one can save you
Walk away now
Save yourself the grief
I'm a lost cause
Haunted by my cruel memories
Leave me alone
I won't believe you're hopeful tone
The sun will rise for you maybe

But I'm stuck here
Gone from the world
You think you found me?
Try saying hello again
Try standing in front of me
And making that claim once more
Don't you see why I cry?
It's because of you

Songs by Kelly Clarkson :)

The End

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