My name is

Stan, King Mathers

For old time’s sake, I’m having a relapse

I’m not insane, I’m just a little brain damaged

I need a doctor

I am a Cinderalla man with no seduction

But I’m not afraid anymore, I won’t back down

At least not till I collapse

Monkey see monkey do and we just lose it, lose it like toy soldiers

We sing for the moment like a mockingbird with a guilty conscience

The kids cry ‘we made you

I’m almost famous and I won’t back down

25 to life is nothing when your space bound like me

You’re never over

I’m cleaning out my closet and talking 2 myself

Lose yourself in the same song and dance

But stay wide awake because you’re underground

You think you’re the real slim shady?

Ha! I love the way you lie


(Song titles from Eminem)

The End

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