The Black Parade

Heaven help us, save us from ourselves

I think I'm going headfirst for halos

And it's dragging me down to hell

So run away, kill all your friends

And get locked up in desolation row

The early sunsets over Monroeville

Will rid you with sorrow. 

When you wake up, you'll listen to their famous last words

Before they hang 'em high

But the interlude was rather long

And it made you cry all night.

Helena was a sad, sad girl

But you let her into your mind

Her melancholy face filled your dreams

So you told her to "look alive, sunshine."

You thought you had a bulletproof heart

But you were tested through and through

You felt yourself breaking but then came summertime

She screamed: "I don't love you."

Into your cubicles you locked yourself 

All you wanted to do was sleep

But you needed your mama there with you

And all you could do was weep

Our lady of sorrows was keen to help

She said she'd always be at your aid

But you were disenchanted and you could hear your father

"Welcome to the black parade."


(All songs from My Chemical Romance)


The End

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