Drunken Letter

Where to begin?

1985 I think

I don’t know

Hang on, I have this all figured out

We need a wisk, a thespian, some kool-aid and a corndog

Then we can write a really cool dance song, just you and me

We can invite Captain Hook and Val Kilmer

To the last rock show and it will be the greatest day

But I don’t wanna rock, because Emily stole my trucker hat

And she’s got a boyfriend now with 99 biker friends and a two-seater

Somebody get my mom

This is a sad sad situation when I’m down for the count

Is it Friday? No, S-S-S-Saturday

Hooray for beer I say

But this is me with no you

I know I’m an A-hole, but those pictures he drew in my home town

Were ridiculous

I know I should just shut up and smile but I’m looking for my next ex-girlfriend

She’s not in Ohio

If you come back to me you’ll be a much more beautiful person

And I’ll be the luckiest loser

This a friendly goodbye to cold shower Tuesdays and life after Lisa

Why don’t I miss you? I think I’m gay

But who needs friends like you

It won’t matter when we die

Let’s pretend we’re in love and I’m running from your dad

Scaring myself

I’ve never done anything like this

You’re the girl all the bad guys want

And this just ain’t my day


(Song titles from Bowling For Soup)

The End

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