So Goodbye

I wish I could runaway
But this world won't let that be
I try to smile
But this isn't my world
Mine is far astray
So take me away
To another place
I'll send you a postcard
Saying I wish you were here
But you're too close-minded
You call me complicated
Well what the hell
That's just me
I won't change for anyone
So goodbye

I've already bought the one-way ticket
Heading to my own black star
You can take you're ignorant innocence
Or learn the truth of reality and join me
Freak out and be insane
Don't give in to the faceless crowd
But you don't hear any of this
They're things I'll never say
Don't tell me I'm being childish
This world is not enough
So goodbye
I'll find it by myself
My happy ending

- All titles of Avril Lavigne songs :)

The End

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