Time For You To Go

It’s time for you to go

You’re already slipping away

There’s no reason for you to stay with me

You’ll just end up in pieces

Screaming bloody murder

Some say that you had the best of me

But I’m sick of everyone

And this holy image of lies

I crash with blood in my eyes

Trying to get back where I belong

I have reason to believe in this happiness machine

But it’s all she’s got

She’ll be singing her exit song soon

Trading her pain for pleasure

But I have a question; am I in too deep?

Look at me!

This motivation, it makes no difference

Dear fatherThanks for nothing

So long goodbye to the bitter end

We’re all to blame when we speak of the devil

There’s no solution now to this walking disaster

I’ll never know what I believe

What am I to say?

Welcome to hell


(Song titles from Sum 41)

The End

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