Murder City

Walking alone on the boulevard of broken dreams

King for a day in this murder city

see the light of Christian's inferno

Warning the minority

Waiting for something

Are we the waiting?

Cigarettes and valentine's, they burnout

She's an extraordinary girl, she's a rebel

Last of the American girls

And he's St. Jimmy, American idiot, jackass

When it's time for the letterbomb, know your enemy she said

The Jesus of suburbia

Oh Love, I can't recall her, whatsername

Good riddance - basket case

This is the Last night on earth

Before the labotomy

The 21st Century breakdown is on the horizon

Walking down Christie Road and ending up in East Jesus Nowhere

It's too much too soon but that's just one of my lies

He's too uptight, he never was the favourite son

She's a reject and a fashion victim

Hold on to the misery of restless heart syndrome

When I come around, be sure to give me novacaine

Because I'm pulling teeth and coming out with 21 guns and no pride

Scattered and hitchin' a ride

Take back the jinx, I'm coming clean

Doing it all by myself

She will wake me up when September ends

(Song titles from Green Day)


The End

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