Waiting For The End

Waiting for the end to come

One step closer

But you're pushing me away

Crawling, forgotten

I want to runaway, with you

Somewhere I belong

I feel numb, faint, lost in the echo of the blackbirds

Nobody's listening

I  hit the floor, breaking the habit

But you don't stay

You take everything from the inside

For you it's easier to run

To burn it down

I feel victimized on these roads untraveled

Powerless in this castle of glass

I will be in piecesuntil it breaks

I've given up, hands held high

I feel no more sorrow on this Valentine's day

With this papercut I bleed it out

I must find a place for my head

When they come for me, this robot boy 

You will find the catalyst hidden in my remains

Jornado del Muerto will come with wretches and kings

Speaking of wisdom, justice and love

But I am not alone

The messenger waits for me, iridescent as she is

Thinking of what I've done, we made it.

In the end.

(Song titles taken from Linkin Park)

The End

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