Try to create a story/poem or write some lyrics by using titles of the songs! Lets see how creative we can get! Open for everyone!

Hello! I am glad you are interested in taking part in this! 

Basically, the rules are pretty simple. Create a poem/story or write your own lyrics here. Simple right? Well, lets make it more difficult. At least once every two lines/two sentences you need to use a title of one of the songs. Just choose one band and try to write something using that band's song titles! 

What you are waiting for? See if you can go ahead with this challenge! 

So people will understand what I am after:

"I can feel creeping death on my back
I feel like I am trapped under ice
There is no escape
To live is to die
The more I see
I feel like jumping in the fire
Of my own bittersweet memories
I wasted my hate
Fighting fire with fire
Nothing else matters anymore
Shoot me again because
I'm not dead
I hope I can purify my world
From all this hate
Defending it from the St. Anger
That I created" 

(All songs titles are in italics)

I created this song using titles from Metallica songs! 

I am hoping for many people to join this. It will be interesting to see people's ideas! 

The End

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