Excellent Thinking

The drive to work had been the same for Charlotte as it always was.  The same roads, the same people, the same clever squirrels playing chicken in the road, it was always the same.

"You're late," was the only greeting she'd received as she walked into her boss's office.  "What's your excuse this time?" she had continued.

"Well, I'd bore you with the details, but honestly it wouldn't help. How about I just get started on those forms you requested," Charlotte replied with false merriment.

"Excellent thinking Charlie."  Char waited for further instruction, but soon came to realize that there would be no further delays as her boss shooed her out of the room.

I hate her, Charlotte thought bitterly.  She despised the woman's blond hair tied back in a tightly wound bun, despised her standard red business suit, her too-heavy make-up, her absolute power over everyone on the second floor.

Charlotte couldn't wait for the day when she finally left the stinking hell hole of a work place.  She didn't know how, why, or when, but she knew that she wouldn't be on the second floor forever.

"Char, did you get the memo?" Janet, Charlotte's only friend at work, asked.  Charlotte's face only displayed confusion, so Janet went on.  "The meeting has been moved up."

"Moved up?" she cried. "When?"

"It begins at 9:15. That's only three minutes. Same floor, same room, just different time." Janet clarified for her friend.

Charlotte cursed silently, within the crowded walls of her mind.  "Can you cover this for me?"  Without waiting for an answer, the stack of papers she had been carrying were shifted unceremoniously to her friend's empty hands.

She made a b-line for the elevator, and waited.

The End

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