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"Heart-breaking News this morning: Seventeen year old Jenna Mills has been found dead in a ditch on Oldsberry Rd. after being reported missing three weeks ago," The blond woman on the news station reported, despair plain on the features of her pretty face and in her voice.

   "Police won't tell us anything further about her murder, and her family won't speak with us just yet, but we'll have more for you later. Back to you Dave with the weather..." Before she could be depressed anymore by the news, she turned the television off.

   She had known all along that the girl wouldn't be found alive. She never expected that. But still, she couldn't help feeling disturbed at the news.

   As if fate was to be certain that she be in a foul temper, thunder and lightning broke out, adding to the depressing mood, whispering dark thoughts in her ear.

   The sound of the rain pattering on the sides of her apartment increased with the undying winds.

   She looked at her watch. It was six-fifteen. I need to get around if I'm not going to be late for work, she thought mutinously.

   Quickly, she got undressed and hopped in the shower. Within ten minutes, she was dressed again and blow-drying her long dark hair.

   Six years ago, she thought grudgingly, looking at her reflection in the mirror. I would have been putting on makeup, and making sure my hair was perfect. But that was the old me back then, and this is me now.

   She studied herself once more in the mirror. Her dull and sleepless brown eyes, her crooked nose, chapped lips, and pale complexion...  these were the remains of all the things she once valued, and now they held no meaning to her at all.



The End

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