Eli: Dinner

Eliza grabbed my hand and pulled me to her room. She started to search through a suit case.

"Hmmm," She looked at me and then would go back to searching. "Pink is your color, I think," Then a few minutes later, she pulled out a laced pink dress. My size.

She helped me put it on and I got on some shoes and we walked to dinner.

I was clutching my mother's hand as I looked around in awe. The tables had laced cloths not plain white cloths. The silver ware was very beautiful. A bowl of something was put infront of me.

"Eliza?" I asked, "What's this? And which spoon do I use first?" She looked at me and then looked around.

"It's a type of soup, and to put it bluntly," she smiled, "Work your way in."

The End

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