Winna Ward: Margo

I find the dining hall. A lot of people are are already there and the buffet was almost empty. I took a seat near a girl who looked about my age. She had red hair and grey eyes. I wondered if she was Irish. 

"Hello." I stared at her. Was she talking to me? Oh dear. I am not very good at small talk. 

"Hello." I tried to continue my meal, but she persisted.

"So why are you going to America?"

"I am going to school there." I hoped that she would tire of this one-sided conversation, but if she was she didn't show it. So I had to answer a lot of uncomfortable questions. Where are you from? London. How old are you? Sixteen. Why is your hair white? Hereditary. 

Finally I had had enough.

"I am not very good at conversations," I said quietly. She stared and I wondered if she had decided to leave me alone. But then she let out a laugh and continued to ask me questions.

The End

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