Eliza Collyarrow: All Are Beautiful

Thomas reached down into his pocket and pulled out a pocket watch. He opened it and told me the time.

"Almost time for dinner!" I commented. I looked over at Eli. My thoughts turned round and round about how cruel it was that she could only eat crappy scraps...... I clapped my hands then stood up. Thomas raised his eyebrows at me with a "what are you doing that I'm not worrying about you nor do I need to follow you" look on his face. I smiled at him then walked over to Eli.

"Eli! I want you and your family to have dinner with Thomas and me. Tell your mother to come to my room in five minutes!"She nodded at me slowly then ran off. I walked quickly off to my room and started pulling dresses out.

There was a timid knock on my door. I ran over and pulled it open. Eli's mother was looking nervous about being in my room, but I pulled her in and shut the door. I then had her stand still while I picked the perfect dress. When I had found it, a deep purple that went from light purple at the top, fading down to dark purple at the bottom, I had her change into it. When she finished, I bid her sit on my bed and I sat down behind her. I pulled out my brush and began to brush out her hair. When I finished brushing, I made sure there were no mirrors she could look into before I took out a purple butterfly clip. I twisted her front hair back into a small ponytail and put the clip on top of it. When I popped off the bed again and looked at her, she took my breath away. I pulled out the mirror and showed her what she looked like. I heard her give a small gasp. I gave her a smile.

"You can keep them." I whispered to her. She turned to me. Her mouth formed thanks, but her voice was gone, tears in her eyes. I smiled even bigger and hugged her. When she slipped back out, she looked just like a first class resident. I ran back onto the deck and slipped into Thomas's arm on the bench. I whispered something to him. He nodded and left to his room.

The End

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