Rebecca: Remembering

    I looked at the little girl. I realized that I wanted to be trusted. I was going to a new land after all. Maybe even start off clean. "Sure." I told the girl. "I'll be friends with you."

      She giggled and smiled up at me. "I'm nine. I think I remember. My parents are actually dead. My brother was caring for me." Right then my brother walked up to me. "Becca! How did you get aboard? I didn't think you had money for the ticket."

         "Brother? Um, well I didn't. I kind of snuck on. I didn't like that place anyway." Of course speaking of my homeland of Ireland.

      "Well then. You shall have to stay with me then. I've been looking all over for you so I could pay for your ticket. How ever I never found you." He turned to the others. "I'm sorry for all the possible trouble she has caused. If you will excuse us."

    "But! I just made a new friend. Elizabeth." I said pointing to the other little girl. "Can't I play with her for a little?" I asked.

     "I guess. I'll come get you for dinner." he said sighing. "Good day." He then turned and left.

The End

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