Rebecca Lynd

        I, Rebecca Lynd have snuck aboard the Titanic. Only the best ship in the world! I am now going to America. I just worry about being caught. You see my family are part of the third class, except all but my oldest brother and I are dead from starvation. I managed to be a pretty good pick pocket, and he actually became rather successful and is now part of the second class. I don't know how he did it. Maybe I will be in the new land.

         I looked around. There were more third class than I had expected. Then again, I'm only nine. That means I can go around and no one would suspect that I had snuck on. Good.

     I walked out from behind the cargo I had found. Thank goodness no one has caught me yet. I started wandering the ship. Shortly after I came out of hiding I saw a reporter walk up to some first class people. I think she was a reporter. I brushed off my very dirty dress and tried to copy her.

        "Hello. My name is Rebecca." I said shyly. Everyone turned to look at me shocked at my sudden appearance. I backed away a little.

      "Oh dear. You look as if you haven't had a bath or a new dress in months. Where is your parents?" A lady asked. The one sitting by the man. I don't know names.

       "Um. I'm very lost." I said making things up as I go. Like usual. All until I can get some money.

     "Well. Let's just see what we can do about this. How did you get on?" She asked. Why is she asking so many questions?

    "Um. I don't know. As I said I'm lost." I replied.

      "So your here by accident? No ticket?" She asked again.

      "I guess so. I'm not sure. Where are we headed?" I asked. Pretending not to know.

     "To the America's!" The reporter piped in.

         "That sounds good." I said.



The End

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