Jaqueline Broussard

"My name is Thomas Bird." The man said to the little girl in his lap. They were sitting on a bench while I leaned on the railing. I could feel the eyes of other 1st class members looking at us with distain.

"And I'm Eliza Bird." The lady said with a smile. Thomas turned to look at her.

"Not yet!" he said with a laugh. The little girl giggled and I smiled.

"I'm Eli." the girl said. They turned to me. "What's your name?" Eli asked in her cute little girl voice.

"I'm Jaqueline Broussard." I said simply. Eli began to try and say it how I just did.

"Jacklynn?" she asked for comformation. I smiled and said "Close enough."

"Your voice sounds funny." she said making the rest of us laugh. As I laughed I began to think of what my mother would say if she saw me now. Speaking with a little 3rd class girl. Even if she was just little mother was going to freak if she found out.

The End

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