Branson Wolf

I stood at the very front of the boat breathing in the fresh air. Today was a wonderful day indeed. I was off to North America with my brother Alastair. I couldn't wait. Hopefully America was like what everyone said it was.

"You know Branson it might be nice if you would help be take the luggage to the room before gazing at the horizon." Alastair's voice interupted my thoughts. Turning back around I smiled at my older brother.

"Sorry," I said grabbing my things from him "Just lost in thought." As we walked into our room I set my things down by my bed. "Can you believe it Al?" I asked Alastair. "We're going to America! I just wish mum and dad could be here to see us now." I sighed as I looked at the mirror that hung on the wall.

Mother and father had passed away ten years ago when I was eleven and Alastair was nineteen. Him and I have had to take care of ourselves since then. We'd gotten over it but it was sometimes a sore subject so we didn't speak of them much unless we needed the comfort.

"Well I'm going to go the deck to see what I can do to keep myself out of trouble." I said striding to the door.

"We both know that's impossible Bran." Alastair said, smiling at me.

"You don't think I can do it?" I asked with a mock indignant tone. I pretended to look hurt. He crumpled up a piece of paper and threw it at me.

"Get out of here." He said barely missing me. I quickly ran out of the room before he could throw another one.

The End

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