Winna Ward

"Now dear, remember your manners, treat your aunt kindly, make good grades and for goodness sake, STAND UP STRAIGHT!"

Winnafred quickly straightened her slouch.

Now that's a good girl. Give your mother a kiss." Winna kissed her mother on the cheek and walked to the ticket master, who nodded at her and handed her a key. She waved goodbye to her mother and walked onto the ship. She was very excited but she felt a bit sad and hid her tears from all the passersby. She  walked to second class deck and inspected the number engraved on her key. Six. She found the room and opened the door only to someone's things already inside. Confused she looked at her key again. It wasn't for room six, it was for room nine. She began to walk away and caught sight of a flash of white cloth disappear around the corner.

She went to her room and put her stuff away. Then after locking the door she went in the direction the passenger had taken, taking a book with her.


The End

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