Margo Daust

I slowly made my way through the crowd of people. Clutching my suitcase and carpet bag to my side (to avoid any pickpockets in the chaos) ; I showed my ticket to the man at the boarding ramp. He nodded, then let me board.

It was quite a challenge, but I eventually escaped the mass of people and found my cabin on the 2nd class level. It's quite nice, actually. The bed is soft and clean, and it feels so wonderful to have a room of my own. 

I slid the key to my room on a ribbon, and tied it around my neck so not to lose it.  I rummaged through my bag,  pulled out a pencil and pad of paper, then stepped outside and headed to the main deck.

I could just imagine the newspaper headline

The Titanic Voyage

by Margo Daust

ah, if only I was a journalist!


The End

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