Eliza Collyarrow

Clutching my suitcase, I looked anxiously along the railway looking for Thomas.

"Eliza!! Eliza! Over here!" I looked up hopefully and caught sight of him.

"Thomas! Oh Thomas! Cela me rend si heureux de vous voir!" He smiled with a confused look on his face. I rushed up the plank and he ran to meet me. I dropped my suitcase as he lifted me up and spun me around before setting me down. I put my hands around his neck.

"So, what did you say?" He smiled at me. 

"Just that I'm glad to see you!" I smiled into his eyes. He kissed my cheek then picked up my suitcase.

"Now, madame ouselle, if you would follow me, I shall escort you to your room." He held up my room key and then offered his free arm. I gladly accepted and he led me off to find my room.

After settling in with Thomas checking in every few minutes, I finally followed him out to the deck. As we came up and past the stairs, another 1st class resident went past and smiled shyly and said bonjour. We both immediately smiled back. I opened my mouth to respond. Then,

"You!" A little girl, about six pointed at Thomas, "y-you g-gave me s-s-s-some-"

"You know him?" I asked curiously and looked up at Thomas. "She's so cute." I smiled really big at the little girl.

"He-he gave me some m-money so my family c-could board." She stuttered.

"It was nothing." He said modestly and looked away. I kissed his cheek and he blushed.

"I was just helping others, it's my job and pleasure." He mumbled. I smiled then hugged him, putting my cheek against his.

The End

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