April 10th, 1912 The First day at Sea

"Cozy enough,"  said Mother,"Sharing a bed and water won't hurt right?" We all nodded in agreement. Four beds, one for me and Mother, and on the top bunk, Jer will lay. I yawned and said," Mother can I go up top?" I asked, rubbing my hands to gether, it may be April but it gets very cold.

"Yes, you can, but remember, don't be rude to people and be nice to other girls okay?" She said turning around to see me safely out, "We will start makeing the beds."

I climbed the stairs, I took off my shoes and socks, for I have none. I get big shoes from Jer, the 16 year old. I don't wear them mostly, but when I get up top I have to put them on. The carpet felt nice under my feet. Putting my shoes on I saw the man who gave me the money.

"You!" I said pointing to the man with the beautiful young lady, "Y-you g-gave me s-s-s-some-" I was cut off by the young lady with him.

"You know him?" she said looking up at the man and then back down on me, "She's so cute!"

The End

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