Jaqueline Broussard

"Hurry up, mon cheri! They're starting to board!" my mother, Aceline Broussard, said impatiently. Rolling my eyes when she turned her back to me I responded "I'm coming, mother." in the most pleasent way I could.

Our family was one of those rich family who could easily afford a ticket to the Titantic easily. As I walked toward the boat I noticed many of the 2nd and 3rd classes saying good bye to parents or children. It didn't seem fair that while my entire family got to go they had to leave some of their family members here.

"Jacqueline!" Mederic, my father, called to me jolting me from my thoughts and I quickened my pace.

Once we were aboard a steward showed us to our rooms.

"What do you think?" he asked as we stepped inside. They were beautiful but I wasn't surprised. After a while you start to get used to the crystal chandaliers, the silk sheets, and the rest of the magnificent decor.

"Magnifique!" mother said spinning as she looked up at the ceiling. "It's wonderful!" She looked at father and I. Her face glowed with awe. "Can you believe it?" she asked excitedly "Can you believe we managed to get a ticket for this?" Yes, I thought, I can.

"I'm going to go explore the deck." I said opening the door to leave.

"Okay just stay away from the lower class." mother said before begining to jabber to my father in french. This was going to be a long cruise. Hopefully it was going to be worth it.

Out on the deck I was glad for the fresh air. The only thing that could make it better was if I could wear something else. All the dresses I owned were always way too tight on the waist and I could hardly breath.

I decided to go explore the rest of the ship. As I reached the stairs I ran into a very cute couple who weren't much older than I and judging by their appearance I guessed that they were 1st class.

"Bonjour." I said smiling at them. They smiled back. I gave a silent prayer that they were nice and not so stuck up and self centered like most of the members of the 1st class were.

The End

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