You are getting on the Titanic in April 1912. If you are 1st Class, you don't talk to 2nd or 3rd Classes. Ever. Same to the other classes. Just remember, the Titanic sunk on April 14th, 1912, it was suppose to get to America on the 17th, not all of the charaters in this story will live. Some will die.

In this Story, you are getting on the Titanic on either a port in London, Ireland, or France. You will either be in 3rd, 2nd, or 1st class on the Titanic. If you are 1st class, then you are very very very rich. 2nd class is alittle less rich than 1st class. If you are 3rd class then you are considered poor and crap. 1st class people can't talk to 2nd class or 3rd class because then you will looked down apon. That is what you call prejudice.

"Oh no," said Shirley Huim. Glancing at my older brother, Jeramiah Huim, and me, Elizabeth Huim. As my brother glaced at our money, he gasped.

"Lizzie... We don't have enough for... For..." He was stuttering again.

"It's fine brother," I said shakly, " M-maybe we left some at h-home?" I turned around and sat on the bench to think. Hello, my name is Elizabeth Huim, I have bright green eyes and brown hair. I live in Ireland. They say that the Titanic is going to come in a few hours. My family is poor and we don't have enough money for my mother, brother, and me. We only have money for 2 people, my mother and brother. I sighed, brushed back my hair, smoothed out my dress because my mother said that's what ladies do. "But I'm only 5 years old, I'm no ladi," That was a year ago. Now I'm six.

A young man with fine clothes walked up to me and handed me a piece of paper.

"Here, I heard that you couldn't go," he said with a wink. I opened to paper to see what it was.

"Oh!" I said with a gasp. I can't read ot write, but I know money when I see it. I looked around for that young man, but couldn't find him. I jumped off the bench and ran as fast as I could for mother.

"Mother! Mother! Look!" I showed it to her and I saw tears streaming from her eyes.

"Oh Lizzie, where did you get it?" she asked. Still crying.

"A young man gave it to me," I answered.

"Oh, where is he!?" she asked yet almost yelled. Jeramiah walked up and said "Mother, they're boarding the ship, let's go?"

The End

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