I Can't See

Here are two more examples. I'll post some more in a minute.

  1. I can't see.
  2. I open my eyes but everything is dark. I can't see anything - nothing at all. It's all just black, and there aren't even any stars. So it's not night time, then. That's when I realise that I'm never going to see again. Because I'm blind.
  1. I love iced buns.
  2. There's one food that I really really love. More than I love pizza or icecream or jelly, or any of those other things that I've always liked. Loved, even. I am quite fond of my food, to tell you the truth. Anyway, there's one thing of which I am far fonder than anything else. And that's iced buns. Strange, but true. I love everything about them: the colour, the texture, and especially the flavour. I could live for a month on iced buns.
The End

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