Times Five. (x5)

Okay, so the basics of this is that you have to make 10 words (or 20, or whatever) into 100, or 60, or whatever you want ...

Useful for NaNoWriMo ...

Times your first total by 5, if that's what floats your boat!


The man walked quickly to work.

Becomes ....

The tired businessman, a smart black briefcase clutched tightly in one cold hand, strode along the long, grey street. He was late for work - the trains had not been running, and he was a timid man. His boss, powerful and imposing with the confidence that such a high-level job gave him, frightened the wits out of poor Mr Green, so he started to walk faster. After all, he did not want to miss out on the early-morning coffee that was provided, free-of-charge, to all that worked there.

So. You get the idea. 

Okay, your turn!

The End

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