Time Travel Works

Traveling through time. How does it work?
What possibilities are out there?
This exercise aims to figure out where time travel leads us and how we got there.
Fire up your time machine, crystals and other transporters and write about TIME TRAVEL.
Join in as often as you like, just please create branches for others.
Linking your story to another could be very cool. Copy in a bit of the last story and perhaps add something

Who doesn't love a good Time Travel story? Always entertaining, they test the limits of our imagination, illusion and reality. Lets spin a few stories from end to beginning or future and beyond, all the way back from the past.

Can we make it Plausible?
Can we make it work?
Can we avoid (or celebrate) Paradoxes?

What if anything are the rules of time travel?  Can someone be in two places at once?
Is there any hard and fast rule? If you think so, add some rules to the beginning of your story so that we can see if you were able to follow them.

Lets write about time. Choose your branch, write a story somehow relating to time travel and create 2 or 3 new branches for others. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

The End

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