Parody #3

"I have invented the time machine," he jumped in excitement. A lost dog barked; a misunderstood cat ran in fear; a mischievous rat stumbled onto a dish or two; a mosquito sucked his blood with utter satisfaction.

"I have invented the time machine," he shouted again. But this time, nothing significant happened. 

"I will go back in time and give this time machine to myself, which eradicates the need to invent the time machine in the first place," he thought, circling around his time machine. He immediately suffered a brainstorm and screamed, "Wait, I will go future in time, get all the technologies and give it to the past generation. I will be famous! I will be famous!" 

The man boarded the time machine set the clock to a very far future. He, with a supernatural speed, operated on many gears, pushed multiple buttons and finally he stamped on a huge lever like object with his feet. Everything in it went into an excited stated and made disturbing noises that resembled the clickety clack of a train.

"Future, here I come!" he shouted and  disappeared. 


Dr. Frank Reese and Dr. David Hauffman, stood at a safe distance from a psychotic time traveller and sighed in disappointment. 

The End

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