Time Travel Parodies

The name says it all!

It is never true if someone says, the Time Machine can never, ever be invented at all. But, geniuses who have invented time machines are helpless victims of its pure awesomeness. Others succeed in veiling their naivety denying the possibility of its very existence. Take our Time Traveller, for instance :

The Time Traveller thought of Time Travelling for the first time.

'Ah, let me go the Jurassic Era and hunt dinosaurs,' he thought rather excitedly. Just about then...


'Who the hell is that?'
'It is me, The Time Traveller, The Time Traveller!'
'Tell me of your errand,' he asked himself.
'I am here to warn you, dude. Do not go to the Jurassic Era,' a very worried Time Traveller stammered.
'I don't know it myself! Must be important.'
'If that's the case, I should go behind time and warn me.'


Nobody would ever be able to explain where this loop started; or where this loop would end. Alas, Time Travelling is still in stories.

The End

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