"Who are these guys?" Keith asks,

" Give me the gun Stark."

"What?" he remarks

"Give me the damn gun" I say calmly holding out my hand in a position where he couldn‘t touch it. He didn't pass it to me. "Give it to me!" he looked at me shocked at my sudden out burst, but still didn't pass it. I walked over to him and snatched it away. I took the magazine out of its chamber and threw it on the floor. I then took my belt and shirt off (lucky I had a tank top on underneath), putting the gun between my legs I wiped it the best I could, probably wouldn't help much but it would put my mind at rest. I rapped the gun in the shirt and dropped it on the floor, I took the shirt back without touching it and kicked it across the floor, making sure it was near someone. There was blood everywhere.

"You guys might want to move now." I say turning on my heel, being very careful not to touch anyone, and start running towards the security sector.

"Where the hell are you going Tia?" Keith shouts, I stop and turn around with sveral people bumping into me. Visions pass through my eyes,

"Sorting this out." I shout back. I see Stark smiling. What the hell was he smiling about?! The rest of the mall was in panic mode. I start running in the opposite direction to everybody else and that made it even harder not be touched and it would pin me out when the police get here.

"Tia!" I heard someone calling through the crowd, it definitely wasn't Keith. "Tia!" I turn and see Stark, what did he want? He runs towards me knocking a few people on the way. "I'm coming with you."


"I know exactly what your doing, and I want in." he smiles.

"How do you know what I'm doing?" I say fighting my way through.  

"I just do." What a great answer.

Two minuets later and we reached the end of the crowd and thankfully ended up at the security sector.

"Right you stay here." I say looking through the window in the little security room, nobody was home.


"Well if you knew what I was doing, you'll know when people are coming, won't you smarty pants." I joke heading for the door. He did what I said and walked in, looking for the tape machine. Where the hell was it?! I looked in a small cupboard and bingo. I took it out of the VCR and headed back to the door.


"Well done. Now how do we get out of here?" He asks standing by my side as I look for the fire exit.

"The roof then down the stairs. Simple." I looked to my left and found the door. "Found it." I say running again, tape in hand.

The End

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