I see Willow leave just before she actually does , I could guess that she could definetly feel the difference in Kelse.

" Well that was Breif." Kelse says, " So watcha people doin later , Starks a really big loner so lifes boring."

" Thanks Kelse, Anyways it been nice meeting yo." I stop I see Kelse chest explode with a bullet going through. It ends and I act quickly.

" Kelse get down!" I yell forcing her head down to the ground as I hear guns rattling crazily shooting all of us in fatal spots for humans.  I get shot in the stomach and general chest area. I step backwards but don't fall as my wounds heal.  Upahead  I see a group of masked men in red and black go into a run. I run after them I see them turning a right into an alley  before they actaully do so I speed towards the alley and tacke the one who is lagging behind and take his gun and shoot his friends up ahead Kneecaps.

 The ones who get away don't come back to save their friends. The others arrive , along with a shooken up Kelse.

" Who are these guys?" Kieth asks

The End

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