Going HomeMature


We later on all meet at the statue again.

"Hi guys" We say approaching the others who luckily are already there.

"Wow" Dani says looking at the girl, Mel's new clothes. "Wouldn't a waistcoat go with that?"

"Ha, told you" Tia exclaims suddenly making me jump but Wolf holds me up straight.

"I thought you were the telepath" he whispers in my ear.

"Thats the reason I did jump she shouted it so loud in her head as well" I mumble and everyone begins to laugh.

"Shall we all go our seperate ways then?" Dani says.

"Yeah.... Who's that?" Keith gestures behind us and I turn. As soon as I'm facing that direction I stumble back.

"Wow" I say.

"What?" Wolf asks pulling me back to him.

"There's an Immortal and a human but the human's mind is like nothing I've ever seen. It's like attuned to Immortals" I say shaking my head.

"Well, we should go meet them shouldn't we" Dani says.

"There coming to us" I say shortly.

The people approach.

"Hi, Uh, I'm Stark and this is Kelse" The Immortal says gesturing to the human next to him.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Willow this is Wolf"

"Danielle but call me Dani"

"I'm Tia this is Keith and Mel"

"Nice to meet you all" Stark says.

"Now can you tell us what you're all doing here" Kelse asks.

"Shopping" I say smiling. "We've got to get home, see you"

I grab Wolf's hand tighter and drag him off but he doesn't protest.

"Why the rush?" he asks. I look back at him then shake my head slowing down.

"I don't like the human..... she's strange" I say shivering. Wolf pulls me close to his side.

"Well, I don't mind" He says kissing me.

The End

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