There is to manyMature


" Can you feel them Stark?" Kelse says qiuetly on the train.

"Can I feel what?"

" The immotals, there is to many here!" She exclaims a little to loudly.

" That sounds like a good part of the script." I say to cover up the wierd looks we were getting.

Kelse looks angrily at me.

" You are to aware of us." I mutter as the train begins to come to a halt.

" Well you should have let me die, instead of rushing in to break my fall."

" Well suicide isn't a good way to go." I shoot back

" Just jealous that I can die and you can't."

" Perhaps." I shrug as I grab my bag and get off.

She didn't like the fact that I saved her life at first but now she was a happy functioning human being , with the only problem was that she was too aware of immortals , for whatever reason.

" Stark are you sure you want to stay here?"

" Yes, I'm sure something interesting is going on here."

" Whatever as long you don't end up getting yourself shot to the head , and scaring the crap out of the paramedics who think you died then muttering, thats 299 death." 

" Don't worry about it." I look ahead which was nearly immpossible as I could see everyones future movements this is why i couldn't stand crowds. I felt dizzy and sick.It was all a blur of different colours of legs and arms moving ahead of me.

" Stark? Oh right come one let me lead you through." Kelse grabs my arm and gets me through the wall of future movements.Once we get outside it was slightly easier to tell what was going on.

" Thanks."

" I thought you could turn your ability off?" 

" Not around Immortals that aren't keeping themselves in check. " I say holding my head.

"If you want to know there is traces of them in the shopping malls." Kelse says not quite suggesting I should go and tell them to stop something that is to hard to explain.

" your point being?"

" I want a skirt, and you should make some friends."

"well there is nothing better to do.Lets just keep it to getting you a skirt."

" Boring , I want to meet a immortal that doesn't hate you." she says as she breaks into a run to get to the malls quicker.

" That was just Niel you haven't met any other immortals.Beside they may not be there anymore." I say angrily.

As I run to catch up to her.

" Well then we stal them to there houses." she laughs.

Sometimes I could swear she runs my never ending life.



The End

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