Apparently Ignorance is BlissMature


I watched Mel walk back to the toilets. Did she really think I would give her back her original clothes? No chance. Apparently ignorance is bliss. When she was changing a created another outfit. I already saw that she was clumsy. I filled the bag with a fitted white blouse and a black waistcoat with dark denim jeans and some navy blue converse. Comfy and stylish. I smiled to myself.

"What are you smiling about?" Keith asked suspiciously.

"Think about it."

"You haven't!" he sighed,

"You really think I'd let her wear her old stuff when I just worked so hard on giving her a new wardrobe? She's gunna get a shock when she opens the bag." I giggled putting my hand over my mouth.

"Why, what have you put in there?" I looked at him innocently,

"Her style. Just more up to dated." I smiled sweetly. He shook his head. "I didn't see you complaining!" ...

The End

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