Damn KetchupMature


I look at myself in the mirror and let out a small squeal.

"Thank you Tia!! Thank you!" I jumped on her to give her a hug.

She made me put my hair down, and take off my skaters. I loved my skaters, but with this dress? Not so much. Even I knew that. Instead, she gave me a pair of brownish gladiator sandals.

"Now let's go get 'em tiger!" she said, laughing and picking up the dozen or so bags.

We walked out of the washroom and took a right into the food court. Keith was sitting at a table near the A & W near the back of the foodcourt. His back was to us. We walked almost all the way before Tia stopped me about 10 ft from the table.

"Stay," she mouthed. I nodded and planted my feet firmly to the floor. My bangs were in my eyes slightly and I brushed them aside with one hand. Tia leaned down beside her brother, whispering something to him. She had her left hand behind her back in a thumbs-up. I giggled at her. Keith turned around, his eyebrows mushed together in confusion. What was she telling him!?

"Wow," he said, once he'd caught sight of me.

"Hey," I said, holding my hands behind my back nervously. He stared at me, his mouth open in a small "o" from finishing the word Wow. I walked over to him and he scrambled to his feet to pull out a chair for me. "Thanks," I said.

"So, Keith, what do you think?" asked Tia. I looked at her at the same time Keith did, except I was begging her with my eyes. Take back the question! I lifted the ketchup bottle on our table and flicked open the lid, threatening her. She just smiled as Keith looked back at me and I lost control of the ketchup bottle.

"She looks," said Keith, then the ketchup bottle fell and squirted. Where did it squirt? All. Over. Me!

"Oh my gosh!" cried Tia. I burt out laughing. My new beautiful white dress was now covered in a huge blotch of ketchup. I laughed uncontrollably as Tia stared at me, gaping at the ruined dress.

"Amazing," finished Keith, smiling at me and joining in my laughter.

"Thank . ..  you," I gasped between laughs. Tia stomped over to the chair across the table and slumped herself down onto the chair.

"Do you have my other clothes? The ones from my house?" I asked Tia, after I'd finally stopped laughing. She picked up a bag and slid it across the table. I bounced up with the bag and walked backwards from the table.

"My shoes too?"

"Yupp," she called.

"Okay! Be right back!" I called, turning and walking towards the bathroom to change out of my ketchup stained dress.

The End

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