Shock from clothesMature


"So" Dani whispers. "Tell me everything"

We were waiting outside the boys changing rooms ready to see Wolf in the outfit Dani and I had styled for him.

"Nothing happened much" I say blushing.

"What happened though? You kiss?" she asks. I go a deeper red and shes smiles. "How passionate?"


Thank you, Wolf. I look up and gasp. He's wearing Dr Marten black boots, a buttoned black shirt the sleeves pushed up to just below the elbow, then he has dark jeans.

Oh my god.

Danielle waves her hand in front of my face but I don't stop staring.

"Well we've lost her" Dani says shaking her head. Wolf smiles and walks up. He pulls me into his arms and kisses me bringing me out of my shocked trance.

I kiss him back and I see Dani trying to hide a laugh. Wolf pulls back and smiles.

"I surpose I should get it then" he says raising an eyebrow.

"Deffinetly" I say smiling.

He lets go and walks back into the changing rooms the girl working as staff glaring at me with jelousy.

Her whole mind is burning with it. I mean I know Wolf looks cute but.... the girl attention he's getting is really annoying.

He comes back out and hands over the clothes.

"Why aren't you taking them to the counter?" Dani asks.

"He can create things Dani" I say.

"Oh, why did you try them on then?" She almost yells.

"Cause I wanted to see if they looked good" Wolf says pulling me close to him by the hip. "From her reaction I'd say they were"

Dani pouts. "We need to look for us now" Dani says.

So we head for the girls section. "She's mad at me" he whispers to me questioningly.

"No, just thought it was a waste of time" I say back.

"I don't think it was" he says remembering my reaction. I blush bright red and he laughs kissing me again.

"Oi, Wolf. I'd prefer if you would stop kissing my friend so she could actually walk for herself for a few minutes" Dani shouts.

Wolf groans but pulls back but his arm remains wrapped round my waist.

The End

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