Go get 'em Tiger!Mature


"Are we done yet?" she asked smiling,

""I think so..." I looked at the twelve bags that were hanging on my arm, from various stores. "Now all we need to do is get you dressed, I smiled at her excitedly but she looked nervous. I lead her to the toilets and set down the bags.

"Now.." I said pulling out a white short sleeved t-shirt with an empire neck line and hung it up on the toilets cubical frame.

"What are you doing?" I looked up at her,

"Dressing you silly!" I pulled out a beautiful summer dress that fell to the floor in length with spaghetti straps and a plunging neck line. With wonderful colors in gentle swirls across the fabric. I hung it up, right next, to the top.

"Ok, put the top on first, then the dress. You'll be pretty and covered." I grinned at my handy work. She raised an eye brow but didn't moan and walked into the cubical. I fished around one of the bags for the two chunky gold and wooden bracelets and I long necklace I brought just for this out fit. She walked out of the cubical shyly three minuets later, when I was sat on the surfaces near the sink. I smiled at her in approval.

"Here" I said holing out the bracelets, "Put both on your right arm." she did as I said, and I grabbed her hand again jumping down from the sink leading her to the mirrors. She gasped.

"Thank you, thank you!" I bowed joking. She twirled. "You look fantastic Mel, but I know what it needs"

"What now?" she asked grinning at me,

"A belt to pull in that tiny waist of yours," we laughed as I pulled it out yet another bag. She put it on and looked fantastic if I do say so myself, my brother was in for quite a shock.

"Now but your hair down," I said.


"Just because" I got a brush out of my handbag. "See. Look. You have your parting all wrong!" I handed her the brush. "Brush and inch of hair from the right side of your head from that ghastly middle parting." she did as I said.

"See?" she nodded smiling at her new look.

"Yeah I see! But what about shoes?" I rolled my eyes at her, I had the perfect ones! I pulled out some brown gladiator sandals from a box in one of the bags.

"Try these on for size." she put them on then straightened the dress smiling into the mirror.

"Now lets go get ‘em tiger!" we giggled as I picked up the bags and walked towards the food court, where Keith would undoubtedly be.

The End

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