I grabbed Mel's hand and started pulling her towards the door trying to ignore the faint visions in my head. I could here Keith catching up with us. Go away damn it! I thought, to myself. I'll just get rid of him later.

"I'll save you if she gets carried away" Keith said standing next to me,

"Thanks" she replied smiling, I rolled my eyes and glared at him with the oh-no-you-won't look. He shrugged at me. Thank god Mel didn't see.

"Ok Mel. Lets get started!" I said rubbing my hands together. She pretended to strike a model pose and I laughed out loud, pointing to a store to our right up the escalator, "First up, clothes!"

"Onward then!" she called, laughing we made our way up stairs.

"Oh" she said as we were walking towards the store. "when we get to shoes, no heels okay?"

"Why?" I whined a little,

"I can't walk in them" she said sheepishly "I mean, if you want to possibly get a broken nose from me falling over you, go ahead." I put my hand to my nose expecting it to be broken,

"Okay, no heels!" I agreed.

We walked to the store and Mel looked around skeptically, she walked in front so I grabbed Keith by his shirt.

"Hey!" he spun around to face me.

"Well, time for you to go now." I said grinning at him.

"What? Why!"

"Fine" I sighed being a drama queen, "we'll just be going from shop, to shop ,to shop trying to find that perfect item to go with that top, and maybe the top won't go with the jeans we got," I sighed again dramatically "then we might have to go round the store again, and again... maybe even return it." he frowned "But then we'll have to find another top to go with the jeans." he held up his hands,

"I get it, I get it! I'll meet you at the food court in a couple of hours. I'm going to the arcade." he walked to the door and turned around again. I shooed him off this time.

"What size are you?" I called after Mel. She turned with a confused expression,

"Where's Keith?" she asked.

"Rule one. Never bring a guy shopping. It never works." I shook my head smiling. "It's usually best to leave them at the arcade or in the food court." we laughed. "Now. What size are you?"

"Have have no idea." she frowned. I made a motion for her to spin with my finger. While she turned I surveyed her. "You look like an eight to me. But ten for comfort." I smiled at her.

We strolled around the stores for about two hours, Mel always following. I just grabbed random things of the racks as I went, fitted waist coats, dresses, tops, accessories it was all going in the basket and on my credit card.

The End

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