Let's Get StartedMature


"No offence Mel, but can I style you?" I gaped at Tia who was sitting in the front seat of Keith's car.

"What!?" I said. I liked my outfit! My green sweater that fit me snuggly was warm and comfy and my skinny jeans and skaters made my legs look amazing. Then again, compared to Tia's high heeled shoes, Skinny Jeans and nice looking blouse, I did look like I needed styling. I saw Keith roll his eyes in the mirror and that gave me a little confidence boost.

"Oh please!"

"Fine ..  ." I replied, reluctantly, "But just this once!"

"Yes!" she said. I laughed at her.

We pulled into the parking lot beside the statue and Tia jumped out of the car as soon as it was stopped.

"Hey guys!" she called. I unbuckled my seat belt and reached for the door, but it wasn't there.

"Hey," said Keith. His hand was extended into the car, waiting to help me out.

"Oh!" I said, "Thanks" I smiled up at him as I grabbed his hand and got out of the car. He let go when I was standing, and I felt sad, but I understood.

"Dani, Willow, This is Mel." I waved at the two new girls.

"This is Wolf guys," said the girl called willow. Wolf was nice looking, but truthfully, I preferred Keith. Wolf almost seemed too good looking, which eventually turned into kinda cute. Keith was perfect though.

"Hi," replied Tia, Keith and I. He smiled at all of us, his arm was wrapped around Willow's stomach. You could so tell they'd been up to "something".

"Guys, Mel and I will meet up with you later okay? I'm gonna re-style her. You can join if you want." Tia grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the front doors. I heard someone running towards us. Both of the other girls had been in sandals, so I turned and smiled at Keith.

"I'll save you if she gets to carried away," he said, falling into stride with me and Tia.

"Thanks," I said. Tia rolled her eyes at us and opened the doors to the mall.

"Ok Mel, Let's get started!" she smiled at the Mall, rubbing her hands together then looking at me. I pretended to strike a model pose and she laughed. "First up, clothes!" she pointed at a store that I couldn't see the name of.

"Onward then!" I called, laughing as we made our way up the escalator to the second floor.

"Oh, when we get to shoes, no high heels okay?" I said.

She pouted, "Why?"

"I can't walk in them," I said sheepishly. "I mean, if you want to possibly get a broken nose from me falling on you, go ahead."

Her hand flew up to her face, covering her nose.

"Okay! No heels!"

The End

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