Jaw Dropping TimeMature


"Keith's going to be there" I teased looking down at her. I had just got dressed in black skinny jeans, a tight pink blouse buttoned up to my chest that showed off a white tank top that complementing my chunky belt just underneath my bust. All I needed was some killer black heels.

"Okay, can we stop by my place first though for some clothes." She tried to keep the excitement out of her voice but failed miserably.

"Sure, you can follow me and Keith in your car, and we'll wait for you, kay?" I said walking over to my shoe closet. Yes I have a shoe closet, there's nothing wring with dressing your feet.

"Sounds good" she said rubbing her eyes. I got some black shiny high heels from the closet and put them on. Looking in the mirror I put my make up on, making my eyes smoky but nude lips. You never want to over do it, and I put my hair up exactly the same as last night.

"Okay, come on sunshine!" I turned around laughing at her sleepy expression,

"Shut up" she giggled putting what she had on yesterday, I'm guessing she didn't want Keith to see her in care bear pajamas.


"Sorry I wrecked your little moment last night" I said grinning over at Keith as he was concentrating on driving.

"Yeah, thanks for that" he joked.

"No, but seriously. I am sorry. I just don't know what I'm gunna do know when I'm swarmed."

"You'll be fine." he tried to imitate my voice from last night. I rolled my eyes shaking my head. "You'll be a good catch for someone." he smiled "I'm sure of it." he nodded turning the corner following Mel's car.

I didn't say anything. All I could think was ‘Yeah sure. When I let someone touch me.'


Mel quickly got changed and ran back out her flat practically jumping down the steps, I smiled and waved at her through the window. She jumped in the back and we set off towards the mall to meet the others underneath the statue thingy, I didn't know or care what it was really called, we were going shopping!

"No offence Mel. But can I style you?" I smiled at her in the mirrors, I could see Keith rolling his eyes.

"What!" she laughed in shock,

"Oh please?!" |I pleaded with her through the car mirrors

"Umm.. Ok then.. Just this once" she said sternly grinning at me.

"Yes!" I winked at her through the mirror. I was going to make Keith's jaw drop to the floor. I squealed inside because of the excitement, I love match making! I grinned all the way to the mall thinking of all the colors that would work with her skin tone and what would style would suit her best. It was jaw dropping time.

The End

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