I like to, eat eat eat, apples and bananas. I like to eat eat eat, apples and bananas.

"I, don't, give a flying monkey poo. SHUT UP!" I scream at mobile, sandwitching my head between my matress and my pillow. The vibrations from the phone next to me shakes the bed. Growling, I reach over plucking the phone away, clicking answer.

 "Hello," you have just woken me up, I hope you can sleep at night. Grrr.

"Hi Dani, how are you?" Willow's perky I'm-a-morning-person voice chimes through the phone.

"Fine," I practically growl, "Where did you go home?" Well done, Danni, try to make sense.

"Yeah," at least your friends can understand you. "Sorry about that."

"It's okay." A thought pops into my head, and out of my mouth, "Hey, we have to meet up with the others today. I was gunna organize a shopping trip. Want to come?" Ahh shopping, can anything make a girl more happy?

"Sure, could I bring a friend?" Well, well, well. That can, obviously make a girl happy too. I cackle in my head.

"Ahh, now I understand. Tell. Me. Everything." Or die.

"I'll-I'll tell you later," visions of the two of them flash up in my mind, I blink them away, streching out of my bed.

"Stop kissing the guy and talk to me you marshmellow." I can envisage her blushing, and her new 'friend' chuckling at her, ahh the wonders of young love.

"You shouldn't use your powers to spy on people," she mumbles, how refreshing to have a friend who understands. heh heh heh.

I scoff, "It's hardly spying, I'm seeing what you will do based on you desisions." So there!

"Hm, I still consider it spying," Of course you would.

"OK. Whatever, see you at 3 o'clock outside the big tall statue thingy." My hand waves around as I speak.

"You mean the founder state?" know it all. Half of my sigh is taken up by a vison.

"Whatever. Oh, and tell tall, dark and handsome that he'd better not mess with my friend." Especially after what I've just seen.

"Bye, Danni."

"Bye, Willow," we hang up. I pull a boyfriend cardigen around my body, as I jog through my flat to the kitchen/diner, pouring myself a nice mug of steaming coffee. Can't beat coffee in the morning to wake you up and say 'HELLOO!' to the miserable world!

The End

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