"I need to call Dani" I say taking out my phone and begining to dial. "I literally abandoned her last night"

I press call and Wolf walks up from behind me and begins kissing my neck.

I elbow him and he gets the message to be quiet. But he doesn't quit holding me which is quite comforting.

"Hello" A tired voice croaks.

"Hi Dani, how are you?" I ask then suddenly realise my voice is hardly tired at all.

"Fine. Where did you go home?" She asks.

"Yeah, sorry about that" I say. Wolf pulls back and raises an eyebrow at me but doesn't say a word.

"It's okay. Hey, we have to meet up with the others today. I was gonna organize a shopping trip. Want to come?" Danielle ask her voice light and happy.

"Sure, could I bring a friend?" I say as turns me to face him and kisses me softly on the lips.

"Ahhhh, Now I understand. Tell. Me. Everything" she demands.

"I'll-I'll tell you later" I mutter as I wrap an arm around Wolf's neck and kiss him.

"Stop kissing the guy and talk to me you marshmellow" I pull back from Wolf and blush while he just chuckles.

"You shouldn't use your powers to spy on people" I mumble.

"It's hardly spying. I'm seeing what you will do based on your desisions" she says defiently.

"Mm, I still consider it spying" I say walking away from Wolf who follows me silently into the living area.

"Okay, whatever see you at 3 o'clock outside big tall statue thing" she says.

"You mean the founder statue" I say shaking my head and smiling.

"Whatever. Oh, and tell tall, dark and handsome that he'd better not mess with my friend" Dani says.

"Bye Dani" I say annoyed but still smiling.

"Bye Willow" Then we disconnect. I turn and immmediatly Wolf pulls me into his arms and kisses me again.

I pull back gasping for breath. "Your friends annoying. I had too wait for that" he moans against my neck.

I laugh but pull his face back up and kiss him again. God, will I ever get tired of this.

The End

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