Were Not VampiresMature


I smiled to myself as I walked into the kitchen. I was quite the match-maker. I sat up on the kitchen surfaces as Keith got out the ice tea. Personally I hated most drinks apart from hot chocolate and juice. Keith was the more exotic one. Mel leaned agaist the open door frame next to the stairs looking dreamily at Keiths back. She shook her head and re-composed herself.

"You can come in you know, and sit down." I rolled my eyes. "Were not vampires" we all laughed as Keith was getting te glasses out.

"So, where are you guys from?"she asked.

"Were from around here." I smiled nudging my head at Keith winking at her. She smiled. This was going well!

I jumped down from the side and pulled out a chair from underneath the dining room table, gesturing for Mel to sit down. I sat opposite her, and Keith brought there drinks over.

"It's been a long night" Keith sighed as he sat down.

"It was your choice 'to hit the town'" I smirked at him.

"Well you do't have to moan any longer do you, seeing as were home?"he joked

"I'm sure I can find something to moan about" I smiled, Keith rolled his eyes at Mel.

"She doesn't like to go out."he said trying to inclued her in the conversation.

"I do, so, like to go out!"


"Shopping" I smiled.

"I meant socially."

"Shopping." I repeated.

"Why don't you like going out Tia?" Mel questioned. 

I shook my head smiling "Don't worry about it." I dodged the question, I hated talking about it. "I'm going to get my PJ's on. Don't you crazy kids do anything too drastic while I'm gone." I saw Mel look at Keith questioningly.

No doubt he would tell her. I didn't care as long as I wasn't in the room and no body mentioned it.

"Why doesn't she like it?" she asked again quitely as I walked up the stairs.

"She doesn't like-" I started to run towards my room, I didn't want to hear it.

The End

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