The Wrong ImpressionMature


We walked through the streets quitley with Danny, I had no idea where Willow went. We turned the corner and a saw a girl playing with rubbish in a an alley way. Wait. Was it floating? I looked at her features, I swear I recognised her from somewhere. Then it all fell into place. I saw her at the club cheaking out Keith. There was someone strange about her. Well not strange just different. Okay I swear she is moving that rubbish without touching it. She starts to frantically put it all back in the trash can. What in the name of the lord was she doing?! She walked round the other side of the alley and out onto the parallel street.

"Hey Keith" I said sill staring at where she just turned the corner. "Take Danni home." I crossed the street.

"Where exactly are you going?" he called, I waved my hand,

"I'll be back soon! Brownies honour" I laughed.

I turned the corner exactly where she did, she was easy enough to spot as the streets were practically empty. I followed her for a while, twenty damn minuets to be exact. Lucky I was a professional high heel wearer, I smiled at the thought. She stopped to rub her feet, leaning on a stair way leading up to some flats.

"Excuse me!" I called starting to jog towards her. She looked utterly perplexed like I was going to kill her or something. I think she recognised me from the club. Geese, did I really look that mean?! "Hey," I said when I was nearly there and slowed to a walk.

"What do you want?" she burst, I held up my hands.

"I just recognised you from the club, thought-"

"So you recognised me and then followed me" she cut me off,

"Well... yeah. I suppose if you look at it that way." I smiled but she hurried up the stairs. "I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression!" I called up to her.

"What!" I rolled my eyes up at her,

"Come down and I'll tell you." she looked down at me for a minuet before she started to walk slowly back down the stone steps.

"He's my brother." Why beat around the bush.

"Excuse me?" I sighed.

"Keith. He's my brother."

"Who the hell is Keith?!" she waved her free hand about.

"Oh come on dear, your only human. I saw you checking him out." I smiled trying not to laugh. "Tia by the way." I said holding my hand out. She stared down at it. "You generally shake it when you meet someone new." I joked. She didn't move so I walked forward towards her and shook her hand myself. Where are the manners these days?A surge of visions past through me.

"Mel" she muttered confused. I didn't really hear her, she was one of us! Okay Tia, calm down. Now what do I do? Take her back? Ask her for a coffee? I shook my head to myself. I must of looked really weird with my eyes wide trying to think of something to say or do.

The End

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