Mysterious ConnectionsMature

Melissa (Mel)

I walked up to the doors of the club, looking up at the big sign that said "Neonator". What a name! I thought, walking over the threshold of the front doors, smiling at the guard who just stared at me. I knew that he wouldn't try to stop me. Anyways, I'd just hit him with one of the poles if he did. I wore my bangs and hair down tonight, mark the day on the calendar! Bodies moved in unison as the bass of the music flowed through the club, making the floor vibrate. I looked around, searching for any sober people. Nope, I thought, laughing to myself. I looked at the bar and opened up a small fridge behind it, and flicked my fingers at one of the beers. It flew from the fridge, door closing behind it, and up over the people in the club and into my hands. To anyone paying any attention, it'd look like I was buddy-buddy with the bartender and he'd thrown me a beer.

I walked onto the floor, just bouncing my knees and hiding behind my hair. I finally got through the crowd to the other side of the room and found a couch to sit down at. I looked around and saw a group of four people standing at a table. The first one to break off was a girl with long black hair, and she went to the bar, then the dance floor. But I wasn't watching her. Second was another single girl, because it was so obdvious the other two were together. A girl with chestnut coloured hair and the boy. The boy was cute, lies, extremely cute. Dare I say, sexy. He was adorable yet strong. I got up to go say Hi. I didn't usually do this thing, but he was very . . . interesting. I didn't know him, and already I felt like we had a connection. I'd left my beer on the table and I flicked my hand without looking at it and it flew to me.

As I walked over to the guy, two other girls came in and blocked him from me. I kept going though, hoping to make an impression when I got there. I ran a hand through my hair, but gave up. Nothing could fix it now. I was about to reach the table when I realized his girlfriend wasn't there anymore. I got nervous, I didn't want to put him under pressure. Then, just as suddenly as she'd disappeared, she was back and shooing off the other girls. I stopped, almost there, looking at him. I quickly turned around, I didn't need to get him into a fight with her or something.

 I headed back to the front doors. The cool night air greeted me with a fresh breeze. I heard some cars honk and I wanted to flip them over, just a small flick of the wrist, I hated noise, but oh well. I walked around the corner, into an alleyway. There was a dumpster there, and I just leaned against the wall, sifting through the garbage, playing with it. Twirling it through the air, moving it around, creating sculptures. I really had no reason to go home, and this was more fun then just sitting outside the club. I was fitting an old pizza box on top of my recreation of the Statue of Liberty through garbage when it all came tumbling down.

"Crap!" I exclaimed, moving both of my hands together in a cup form and scooping up the garbage, then opening my hands and letting it fall back into the dumpster. I yawned and decided that maybe my bed at home wasn't such a bad thing right now. Leaving the alley, I stretched my back and looked back at the club just as the same guy I'd been watching from earlier came out of the club. I smiled at him, and he looked at me, smiling back. I could feel my face reden as I started walking down the street, but my smile stayed on my face the entire walk home.

The End

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