We mad it back to my apartment and I turned to face him after opening the door.

"Want to come in?" I ask blushing slightly.

He smiles cheekily. He pulls me to him by the waist and lifts me up slightly so I'm standing on his toes.

He walks back into the apartment closing the door behind him. We make it to my room and I feel his hands slip under my shirt.

"No" I say sternly.

"Okay" he says begining to pull back. I don't let him. I wrap my arms round him holding me close.

"Doesn't mean I want you to pull away" I mumble pouting. He chuckle and kisses me again.

Thats how the rest of the night goes. Kissing, holding, touching but no further.

I do have some boundaries. I've already broke a few with this guy. Like not kissing the guy when meeting him for the first time.

Way beyond smashed.

I wake up my body molded to his and aching. Both of us moan when I sit up. Me from the throbbing head ache that I get after hearing tons of thoughts and Him because I disturbed what was a very peaceful sleep.

He opens his eys and smiles. I smile back as I get up and grab some clothes going into the bathroom to get changed.

I come out and here cooking in the kitchen. I go in to find Wolf cooking.

He's wearing new clothes and has created a few food surplies on the counter.

"A creater? Huh?" I say interested. He turns and smiles at me.

"Yes actually.... you can come a chose what you want?" he says gesturing me to walk over.

As I reach the work surface he steps behind me and wraps his arms around me from behind.

He kisses my neck then up along my jaw.

"Morning" he whispers.

"Good Morning" I say back. I plate up some food then pulling out of his arms go to the table. He moans.

"Stop being a baby. Besides we've only just met" I say sitting down.

He gets food for himself then sits opposite.

"We've only just met but you've invited me to your house, kissed me more than once and I know your secret" He points all this out and the only thing I can do is blush.

He chuckles and I quickly get on with my breakfast this is going to be a long day.

The End

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